Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thirteen Pieces

Preface note: 'the girl' and 'she/her' are two separate entities, and each is always referred to by the same pronoun.

She called out, just once, for the girl to send her back home, th-this was a one-way journey, and she was still unsure, hesitant, but the girl insisted, and she was slowly, slowly, preservingly split down the middle, and separated from her other half. She whispered a goodbye to her other self, even though she knew they'd be together again soon, but, both of them would be changed forever, right? She suspected what sort of future there would be, but had only heard of it, from here and there.

The girl returned, and softly, but firmly embraced her...Was this what it's come to? A long, thin tool was set against her sensitive skin, it was cool but she was even chillier, as the nature of her home had been, too. She wanted to return, but...there was no sense in waiting forever, this was something new to her. She solidified her composure even as it pressed in sharply--! This, this definitely wasn't all there was to this, right?! It left her and shifted, pierced into her one more time, and then two more times, and there was a whisper that she only needed to go through this once, but f-four more times after that! And... there were even more but she, numbing and dizzy and with no choice but to trust the girl, couldn't count anymore by the time she realized that it had stopped. Shocked and nervous, she shivered and waited for more.

She gazed up at the girl, apprehensive anxious, and curious. The girl gazed back down, smiled, and swept the tool through the air again. She flinched, alert and leery--anyone would be scared! But the girl set it gently down on one of the walls in her intimate place...and held it there for a moment before slowly sliding it up and down that barrier, feeling for a weaker spot in it, then finding one near her center and pushing out, down, then sideways and across, and down again, until she was divided from herself even while she was whole... It was completely different from before, and she didn't even notice the girl gently working on the other side of that wall. W-wait! No, she'll fall apart if you do that! The girl set the tool down and let go of her, then made a vow, that she'd be exceptionally gentle in contrast to the rough severs that others of her siblings have probably gone through. She didn't like the thought of it, but there was some relief there too.

The girl returned to the fine motions of the blade's rounded tip, leaving her surely as intact as she could be through it all. She began quivering in anticipation, and she became more and more wet, shivering as her heart was lain bare, pulled apart at every once-smooth seam in her body by the time the knife was put down, with light sound that didn't matter to either of them. The girl cradled her and swept her away, her surfaces flushed and features unsteady. The girl rested in a seat and plunged a spoon deep into her body, squelching in her wetness and lifting out part of her heart, her mind, her body, the sensation was hard to bear! It was nearly too much, but she could only roil in the feeling silently, as her body made all the noise to be heard. One piece, no, two parts, no! Three bites, four more, and she lost herself in the ecstasy. All she could even recognize as herself was the last piece left as she was lifted from her casing and engulfed, inside and one with the girl, no longer individual but part of something so much more complete. She surrendered to the pleasure with all the other parts of her, united in mind and form, once again.

The last bite was the sweetest.

Monday, July 26, 2010

LGBTQQIA! (Not a typo)

First, please take a look here.

Not done? Take your time (this is a blog, there's no rush), read it again if you wish.

Okay, now that that's done, dear reader! I'd like you to spark a convo, within the week, with at least one person (you're free to talk to as many as you like at maximum, of course) about one or more of these identity/sexual identity-based topics. Please report back with what you've heard no matter what the results are or when you read this post, I'm going to do it too!
Then, in the following week, try to bring up the subject with someone else of the same general demographic and someone of a very different one (a different generation, or walk of life, or inside/outside your family, or identifying/not- among the list's, for example). Were there big differences?

What are your own thoughts on the list, if you don't mind sharing them? Is there something missing? I may as well--rather, I intend to at some point--but it's 7 AM and I really need to go to sleep, I'd like a lot more focus first.

Please try it and please comment! Even a small discussion would be nice.

'Getting it'

At 5 AM, I was very tired, but couldn't quite go to sleep. I ended up chatting, and at some point, returning to a beloved site I recently re-found. At 6:11 AM, I was handed inspiration.

[06:10] so awesome.
[06:11] <&Atma> i've been poking around her site since you shared it the other day
[06:11] <&Atma> she gets it
[06:12] [Endurance] she really does
[06:13] [Endurance] well put
[06:13] <&Atma> that's all there is to it really
[06:13] <&Atma> she gets it
[06:14] <&Atma> sometimes things don't have to be complicated. if she gets it, that's all there is to it
[06:14] <&Atma> no question

I'm sure not everyone will agree with what Dr. Rayne says, but her points are solid, reasoned, and all towards the sake of the children and parents of now and those of the future. Is this effect some amount of awe? I wish more people could read this all over the world.

Knowing people see the world this way makes me smile.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Taking a Step

Whelp, this is my first blog's first entry, let's see what becomes of it! Hello readers, I hope you find something interesting to follow!