Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Midsummer Day's Resonance

I finished reading through something I found one sleep ago. The ending was a bit weird... Like a test question without an answer. It's nice, though. I'm glad to have read it. When idly tapping around on google after finishing it with things left on my mind, I found the blog I just linked, and eventually found my way to http://altogether.insani.org/2008/0.html, reviewed here. just reading the al|together logs was fun on its own, and I eventually downloaded each. I plan to take time for them in the next week, but I already suspect they're worth looking into.

(I'm aware I don't have readers to inspire interest in.)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Eating a grapefruit

...is sort of like domesticating a tiger. Even if you try to be kind and preserve its character, some of the majesty of nature's beauty is lost in the transition.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Walking the Line: My Family"

A good friend of mine wrote something cutting to the heart of a modern issue, and invited me to share it, which I'm all for!

Walking the Line: "It Gets Better": "My friend BreiAnne shared this video with me this morning. I don't generally approve of the things Obama does, but this really renewed m..."

Walking the Line: My Family: "My last post was about stopping hatred. I don't enjoy hearing about all the CHILDREN in this country committing suicide because they felt li..."

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Also, re: Plants Vs Zombies

It seems that it wasn't unlocked free with my computer, but instead was a limited number of full version activations. I only learned this after expending them. At least I got that damn record player.

My friend is in Japan

I have his in-progress photo album.

Instead of wasting time talking, I will hastily post it post-haste.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've been playing Plants Vs Zombies for much of the past two days. S-stupid Zen Garden, it's not like I want to play music for you or anything, so don't think I do!

And, more significantly, the day before that, I got an amazing haircut while on the way to the doctor's for a rechecking. I feel great about it. Then my doctor was very glad I was feeling great, which made me feel even better! People happy you're happy makes you happy, clearly. Then I went to see my sister and grandmother for dinner, during which I heard a very sad story (the harassed gay musician who lost it and jumped off a bridge. While waiting in the hospital on the way back home, I saw it reported on the television, followed by a report of a wide flooding along the east coast. I still could smile and chat with the lady that took my blood (and was told that if fifty people a day were more like me about it her job would be a lot easier--my arm vein's really visible and I don't have trouble with needles!). That was my Friday, and I enjoyed it.

Weekend could have done with less zombies though.
Sincerely, Plants.